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Welcome to the Nevada Manufactured Housing Division License Search site.

To verify or get license details for a business, you may search by the following criteria:

Note: Wild card searches may be used. To use a wild card search enter an * at the beginning and/or end of your search.
Example: *HOME* will return all businesses that have the word HOME in the name, *HOME will return all businesses that end with the word HOME, and HOME* will return all businesses that begin with the word HOME.

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If you do not know the license number, licensee name or owner name, you may also search by the following criteria:
Please Note: A Serviceperson may be able to work in locations other than the city in which the business is located.

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Specialty Serviceperson Type: Note: This is the SCOPE OF WORK a Specialty Serviceperson is authorized to perform. Only select this criteria if the License Type selected is Specialty Serviceperson.